Jenny Dobbs Director

Jenny Dobbs


Jenny has been working in the field of reproductive medicine for more than 20 years. She studied and worked as an embryologist in Nottingham University. She was a founding director and owner of the first Independent IVF clinic in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she was CEO and Person Responsible for the HFEA for 13 years. She has worked as a consultant for several leading IVF groups.

She joined IVF-Life in 2018 as an Ambassador for UK and Ireland where her main role was to facilitate patients who choose to travel to our IVF clinics in Spain for fertility treatment.

Jenny says

“It is vitally important that each case is assessed individually and that an individual personal treatment plan is created to give you the very best chance of having a heathy baby

Jenny is excited to bring the many benefits of this internationally acclaimed Group to our patients in UK and Ireland.

Jon Aizpurua Director

Jon Aizpurua

CEO IVF-Life Group

Jon is the founding partner and CEO of IVF-Life since 2009.

He studied medicine and then specialised in gynaecology and obstetrics, in Germany. Later on, he graduated in clinical pharmacology (Phase I-III) and MBA in Public Health.

Back in Spain, he led the start-up of the IVI Institute in Bilbao, as well as consultancy services in various research and development initiatives, including the establishment of the collaboration between the UPV and CIC bioGUNE. Founder of “StarCell”, director of the “human fertility” chair at the University of Alicante and scientific advisor to other clinics in the field of reproductive medicine.

Jon has been fully dedicated to the field of reproductive medicine and research for more than 20 years.