Some of the innovations that we provide:


At IVF-Life UK we invest in the latest technology in all areas of our clinic to ensure that our patients receive the most seamless, secure and effective treatment. IDEAS is a software system specifically developed for use in fertility clinics. It’s unique evidence-based treatment plans enable us to manage our patients dynamically throughout their cycle and to integrate medical history, investigations, treatment and outcome details without the delays that paper based systems can incur. Using IDEAS helps us to determine the timely sequence of events in the treatment process and to quickly identify any delays that may potentially compromise patient management.


IVF Electronic Witnessing

Within our laboratory we take matching the right embryos with the right patient very seriously and so we witness every single stage of the matching process. We have also introduced the very latest technology to aid us with this. IMT Matcher is a state of the art barcode-based electronic witnessing, labelling, workflow scheduling and traceability system, specifically created for IVF clinics.

Time-Lapse Monitoring & Imaging

The GERI™ timelapse system provides stable and undisturbed embryo culture for patients’ embryos and allows the embryologists to monitor embryo development by taking a photograph of each embryo every 5 minutes. The embryologists can therefore observe all the critical events during embryo development and analyse the timings of these events using software with AI technology which has been developed from the data collected from thousands of embryos worldwide. This allows the embryologists to select the best embryos for transfer and cryopreservation.

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