Our Acupuncture Partners

Acupuncture is a popular alternative therapy that can help to reduce stress levels, increase blood flow to reproductive organs and balance your endocrine system. Learn more about our acupuncture partners below.

Caroline Wardropper

Caroline Wardropper

Caroline Wardropper Acupuncture

When I decided to train as an acupuncturist I always knew that fertility was going to be my area of interest. I had seen the difficulties some of my family and friends had experienced in starting a family, and I knew that working with couples to achieve their dream of starting a family would be a great satisfaction.

As an traditional acupuncturist I look at patients in a holistic way.  In a session I would review all the patients’ medical history and ask them lots about their general health and wellbeing. This helps to give me a picture of what is out of  balance for that patient  that might be hindering their chances of becoming pregnant or producing the best quality sperm.  If a patient is undergoing fertility treatment then this also informs the treatment plan and determines which acupuncture points I use. Patients are often surprised just how relaxing (and painless!) acupuncture can be and love the sense of calm it brings to them.

It is always so fantastic when treatment results in a pregnancy for a patient, getting visits in my clinic from the babies that you have had a part in creating has got to be the best part of my job!

Tel: 07725 947028

Fiona Bulllock

Fiona Bulllock

Acupuncture with Fiona Bullock

I have been practising acupuncture from 2 different clinics in Stockport for 13 years and am delighted to have worked at IVF-Life UK for the last 12 months.

My work with fertility patients goes back much further than this however. My interest in this field was first piqued early in my practice when a growing number of fertility patients started to turn up at my door. Word had got out, backed by research, that acupuncture  was very beneficial to couples trying for a baby, both naturally and through assisted conception.

Then events in my personal life brought me into closer contact with the world of assisted reproduction. After years of trying for a baby, we turned to IVF treatment and had the tremendous good luck to give birth to a beautiful baby. All through the process, I had received acupuncture myself and so I know, first hand, just how beneficial it is.

I work with couples in different ways, depending on their needs. Sometimes one or both has treatment for 1 – 3 months leading up to an IVF cycle, sometimes women just ask for a treatment at embryo transfer. We work on underlying imbalances, drug side-effects and promote relaxation.

    There can be nothing more rewarding than an email or text from a delighted parent, telling me that their baby has just been born, followed swiftly by photos of the beautiful bundle of joy. However, just using acupuncture to help people through their journey is a huge reward in itself.

    If you would like to find out more about IVF-Life UK, or our fertility partners, you can contact us online here.  Alternatively, you can call us on 01925 202180, and we will be more than happy to assist you with any other advice.