We understand that receiving a cancer diagnosis can be devastating. The news is totally unexpected and a whole carousel of emotions can be triggered.

Nowadays, cancer is appearing more and more frequently. In the UK alone, 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

In these cases, finding support from the closest circle of family and friends is important to cope with the disease both psychologically and physically.

Naturally, the emotions and worries during this stage multiply exponentially: how will my body react to the treatment, how will I feel, how long will it last?

In addition to all these questions, in the case of women who were in the process of starting a family, there is the fear of not being able to have children once the disease is over.

Treatments and early diagnosis now allow a high rate of patients to recover and overcome the disease. However, it is true that treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy directly affect future reproductive possibilities, as they directly affect the patient’s egg production.

It is very important that the patient consults all her doubts about the effects that the treatment may have on her fertility, as not all of them will affect her in the same way.

Once we are aware of the possible consequences, it is time to try to minimise them as much as possible.

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Fertility preservation for cancer patients:

IVF and cancer treatments are options which should be considered together, to ensure that everyone has the ability to start or extend their family if they wish to.

Preserving eggs or semen is an effective way to ensure that your reproduction options are open after your recovery.

Egg vitrification is the most successful technique currently available for the preservation of women’s fertility.

As we told you a few days ago, the patient’s eggs are extracted and then frozen and stored in the best conditions for their preservation.

Therefore, when a patient has to undergo a treatment to cure cancer, vitrification of her eggs allows, provided it is done prior to the start of treatment, to preserve her fertility and her future chances of seeking pregnancy.

Many patients are thus reassured by this possibility and know that, once they have overcome the disease, they will be able to fulfil their dream of starting a family or seeking another pregnancy.

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Can cancer be prevented?

Nowadays, thanks to early diagnosis and the advances made in the different curative treatments, there is increasing hope of overcoming cancer.

There are many factors that can affect a person suffering from the disease, from genetic antecedents, to bad habits and even prolonged exposure to pollution.

It´s true that maintaining good health is important to avoid all kinds of diseases, including cancer.

In this sense, it´s important to take care of our body and maintain certain guidelines to prevent diseases such as cancer.

Here are the main tips that will help you to maintain the healthiest possible lifestyle and prevent disease:

  • Eliminate tobacco from your life.

Tobacco is undoubtedly one of the main factors that can lead to cancer. Even when we are passive smokers and breathe in the tobacco smoke that may be around us, we are inhaling the carcinogenic substances contained in cigarettes.

  • Maintaining a good diet is essential.

It has been proven that there is a direct link between obesity and an increased chance of suffering from cancer.

Eat a diet rich in grains, pulses, vegetables and fruit and try to cut down as much as possible on foods high in calories, sugar and fat, as well as sugary drinks.

  • Exercise regularly several times a week.

One of the best allies in preventing the disease is regular exercise. It is enough to do sport in moderation, it is enough to go for a walk. It is highly recommended to exercise at least three times a week for an hour, or 30 minutes if it is possible to do it every day.

  • Do not abuse alcohol consumption

Drinking large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can lead to cancer. It is recommended that alcohol consumption should always be moderate, e.g. a glass of wine or beer with a meal, or occasional consumption at weekends or on public holidays.

  • Early diagnosis of cancer

Nowadays, early diagnosis, thanks to screening programmes, increases the good prognosis for curing cancer.