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Evidence shows that a range of complementary therapies from homeopathy to nutrition, hypnotherapy and other treatments can help boost fertility. Learn more about our fertility health & wellness partners below.

Tracey Turton BA(Hons) Psychol, MAR, CNHC

Tracey Turton BA(Hons) Psychol, MAR, CNHC

Clinical Reflexologist and Clinic Director, Cheshire Natural Health

Hi, I’m Tracey and I am passionate about helping people to achieve their health and well-being goals. I have been practicing reflexology for almost 25 years and over this time I have treated hundreds of couples who are finding it difficult to conceive, and are either wanting to optimise their chances of getting pregnant naturally, or are looking for support as they undergo assisted reproductive treatments.

When I treat a fertility client, I don’t just address their fertility issues – I also take a 360 degree look at their physical and emotional health, and any other factors that may be contributing to the problem. I truly believe that clients need to address their diet, their stress levels, their exercise (or lack of) and make sure that they get enough good quality sleep to be as health and therefore as fertile as possible.

Having founded Cheshire Natural Health 14 years ago, I now work with a team of fantastic therapists, many of whom specialise in fertility and hormonal health. We are therefore able to give clients a complete care package which typically consists of either reflexology or acupuncture to balance energies, hypnotherapy or counselling to minimise stress, and nutritional therapy to boost nutrient levels. Clients may also visit our osteopath who can check for pelvic issues which could cause problems.

    Seeing clients make essential changes to their lifestyle is extremely rewarding, and whilst we cannot always guarantee that the client will achieve a pregnancy, we can ensure that they make changes that benefit their health and well-being in a positive way, which can only be good for fertility.

    Gaynor Almond

    Gaynor Almond

    Clinical Reflexologist, Cheshire Natural Health

    I had always showed an interest in working with fertility clients during my initial training 6 years ago. So after I qualified I was really excited to get an enquiry from a lady who wanted some help regulating her cycle and reducing her stress levels to improve her chances of conceiving, after being told she wasn’t ovulating. Not only did her cycle become poor regulated but she also showed clear signs of ovulation confirmed by taking a progesterone test, and went on to conceive naturally. The seed was planted and subsequently I’ve been working with couples, and single women wanting to go it alone, ever since. Helping with natural conception and assisted fertility such as Clomid, fully medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, ICSI, as well as egg and sperm donation.

    My job entails taking a case history of the couples or woman’s fertility history to include current health, diet and supplements and make recommendations accordingly. I work closely with them thereafter to help get their body in a more balanced state by helping to reduce stress levels and improve wellbeing through reflexology and nutrition. Helping women to regulate their cycle, and promote blood flow to improve circulation to the man’s testes. This protocol is recommeded for natural conception and prior to undergoing IVF, once IVF commences I adapt the treatments accordingly to work in line with the clinics protocol.

      Helping a couple or single woman to achieve their dream of becoming a parent, there is nothing like it. Sharing in their joy and excitement when I’m sent a picture of their baby’s first scan at 12 weeks is beyond rewarding, and then to go on and work with them throughout their pregnancy is very rewarding and fulfilling.

      Kate Morris-Bates

      Kate Morris-Bates

      CBT Coach & Holistic Therapist, InsideOut Wellness Centre

      I began working with fertility patients following a career change as a result of my own fertility challenges.

      After a 20 year as a senior Executive in large national organisations, I hit the fertility brick wall experienced by so many people and took a tumble.   I experienced multiple unexplained miscarriages over a period of several years.

      That tumble was followed by a journey which brought me to me to my current path as a CBT based fertility and life change coach, Chinese Medicine practitioner and Wellness Centre owner.

      I learnt many lessons through the ups and downs of discovering, accepting and finally loving my new role supporting people going through fertility issues and other health concerns.

      In addition to managing the various activities of the Wellness Centre and our Associate practitioners to support our clients with their wellness needs, I’m proud to be a Complementary Therapy Practitioner myself, specialising in bodywork based on Eastern philosophies to health and wellness.

      I’m a MSc student of Chinese Medicine and I’m passionate about the importance of creating and maintaining balance in life between mind – body – spirit and regard it as the foundation to wellness.  Based on these beliefs and my studies, I advise my clients on the principles of creating a balanced lifestyle to achieve mental, physical and emotional wellness.

        I enjoy supporting clients through their challenges, helping them through important life decisions and giving them (literally) practical hands on support.

        I believe that we raise ourselves by raising others and I and my fellow Wellness Centre expert associates are looking forward to supporting you.

        Kristina Parker

        Kristina Parker

        Harwood Wellbeing Clinic

        I have been working with complementary therapies since 2006 for my own emotional and physical wellbeing. In 2011 I discovered the benefits of Acupuncture and Reflexology for my menstrual health, miscarriage and fertility journey. So, it was always my plan as a therapist to specialise in helping other couples on their fertility journeys and pay forward the blessing I have received to become a Mother.

        As a Reiki teacher, Acupuncturist and Reflexologist I have a very holistic approach to treatment. A huge part of my role is to gain a deep understanding of the person I am treating on every level. Once I have established a diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective it allows me to not only treat with acupuncture but to suggest lifestyle and dietary advice that can also have profound effects on supporting the fertility journey. I almost always combine each acupuncture treatment with Reproductive Reflexology and Reiki to enhance the deep level of relaxation that is so wonderful to achieve during what can be a highly stressful and anxious time.

          It is truly an honour building relationships with the fertility patients that I treat, supporting them on an emotional and mental capacity is just as important as helping the physical. Providing a safe space for people to let go of their worries, share fears, and become a pillar of strength when its needed. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving the messages and phone calls of positive pregnancy tests and embarking on supporting their maternity care.

          Tel: 07891524940
          Email: enquiries@harwoodwellbeingclinic.co.uk
          Web: harwoodwellbeingclinic.co.uk
          Instagram: @harwood_wellbeing_clinic

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