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    • 01925 202 180

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      Centre for Reproductive Health 
      Daresbury Park,
      Daresbury, Cheshire,
      WA4 4GE

    Our team are committed to ensuring that you have the best care available during your visit to our clinic. We welcome all feedback, including complaints, from our customers. We aim to ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly, and satisfactorily resolved and we view them as a valuable source of information about our services, which help us to learn and continuously improve.
    If you have any comments, either positive or negative, please speak to a member of staff. Verbal complaints are recorded and acted upon, but do not necessarily require a formal written response. Should you have any concerns regarding any aspect of your care we would ask that you discuss these in the first instance with the clinician responsible for your care. If you have concerns from a customer care perspective, please contact our Patient Care Team. Should any issues remain unresolved following this step we would ask you to please to put these concerns in writing to our Quality & Compliance Manager at the following address:

    Quality & Compliance Manager
    IVF-Life UK
    Centre for Reproductive Health
    Daresbury Park
    WA4 4GE

    We will acknowledge receipt of your letter within five working days. We will then begin an investigation into the issues raised and will contact you back within a further 21 working days. You have the right to complain directly to Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA). The Care Quality Commission (CQC) would also like to hear about any aspects of your treatment or the clinic facilities. For your information the address of these bodies are as follows:

    Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority
    10 Spring Gardens
    SW1A 2BU

    Care Quality Commission
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 4PA

    The CQC and HFEA review records of complaints during inspections of IVF-Life UK and in some cases complaints may need to be reported to these bodies.

    Any positive feedback would also be extremely valuable to us. Your comments can be made verbally or in writing to any member of staff.


    Clinic Location

    Centre for Reproductive Health

    Daresbury Park,
    Daresbury, Cheshire,
    WA4 4GE, United Kingdom