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Our Fertility Coaching Partners

Fertility coaching supports individuals & couples, helping them to control the impact fertility issues can have on their lives. Learn more about our fertility coaching partners below.

Claire Caldow

Claire Caldow

Hope and Growth Fertility Coaching

My background is in Psychology and Person Centred Counselling. I’ve worked across a range of Assessment and Therapeutic Services for families and caregivers, focusing on Emotional Health and Wellbeing for many years.

I trained as a Freedom Fertility Coach following my own IVF fertility journey. Approximately 1 in 7 people experience fertility issues, yet there is a huge gap in services to support wellbeing. I’m passionate to support the emotional wellbeing of those experiencing fertility challenges. I’m part of a growing community of over 50 Freedom Fertility Coaches.

I support and empower individuals and couples to understand and regain emotional control transforming how fertility issues are impacting upon their life.

I teach coping tools and self-care strategies to rebuild confidence to focus on positive outcomes.

Mind body connection and positive mind set are significant in promoting resilience; to reach the strongest place possible whilst still holding space for a baby.

y coaching programme consists of 6 core sessions over 2 to 3 months, with options to complete review sessions and an IVF enhancement process to practise the skills learned.

    It’s a privilege to witness the resilience present within individuals, as they grow through challenges with greater self-awareness. Clients have shared feedback about improved connection and understanding with their partner as a result of sessions, as well as relationships with friends and family.

    It is incredible to celebrate the bravery and transformation made by clients in being able to live more fully again and in many cases achieve pregnancy.

    Andreia Trigo

    Andreia Trigo

    Enhanced Fertility Programme

    I have been a registered nurse and NLP coach for over 14 years and having gone through fertility challenges myself, I decided to support others in similar journeys. I have developed a unique programme that uses health promotion to improve fertility. This programme has been helping people with fertility challenges worldwide.

    My work focuses on health promotion, helping you improve your physical and emotional health for fertility so that your journey is easier and quicker.

    Here’s a small list of aspects we can work on:

    • Improving your health for fertility (nutrition, physical activity, environment, habits)
    • Managing anxiety, stress, depression, expectations
    • Communication and difficult conversations
    • Making decisions
    • Strategies for key moments (before/after embryo transfer, two-week wait, important decisions)
    • Motivation and commitment to treatment
    • Setting up goals, action plans, following up and accountability

      There are several aspects that I find rewarding in my job. For example, when I’m able to provide support to a patient who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get that support (because they live in a country with lack of resources or reduced access to professionals). But ultimately the most rewarding moment is when a patient finds the support I provided useful and gets pregnant.

      Mel Johnson

      Mel Johnson

      The Stork and I

      I am a qualified Life Coach with more than 6 years coaching experience. Following my own journey to solo motherhood, I decide to focus my coaching on fertility, empowering single women to understand their options for starting a family. I offer 1:2:1 and group coaching to women worldwide, supporting them throughout the end to end process.

      I work with women either individually or as part of a group course on the following topics:

      • Confidence and clarity in making the decision to become a solo mum
      • Exploring the practical options available
      • Setting up your support network
      • Confidence in sharing your story
      • Grieving for letting go of the traditional route to motherhood
      • Preparation for birth as a solo mum
      • Preparing your body and mind for fertility treatment
      • Thriving solo

      It’s a total privilege to work with such strong, inspirational women, and see them reframing their thoughts to become confident and positive about their journey. It’s so rewarding to be able to support my clients throughout each step of the process, especially when they let me know they’re pregnant.

      Mandy Worsley

      Mandy Worsley

      Freedom Fertility Specialist

      I started working in fertility 12 months ago having completed my training as a Freedom Fertility specialist. I am a qualified nurse and have worked for 26 years in the NHS before becoming self employed 3 years ago. I now run my own business supporting adults and children’s emotional health and well-being. I trained 3 years ago as a Relax Kids coach and it was whilst doing this I was contacted to talk at an afternoon tea for couples on their infertility journey. Having been through my own infertility journey 15 years ago I was very keen to use my skills, knowledge and training alongside my own experience to support couples. Following this session I was introduced to the Freedom Fertility Formula and wanted to take this additional training so I could help more people.

      My job is to help people understand their emotions and how these can have a physical effect on our body. We take them through a process which enables them to understand, manage and free themselves from that emotional rollercoaster they can experience during the course of an infertility journey. We help them to take back control and live their life more fully.

        The job is very rewarding and I love to see how couples move from a place of despair at times to a place of hope and optimism for their future.

        Sarah Banks

        Sarah Banks

        Sarah Banks Coaching Ltd

        Following my own 6 year infertility and IVF journey, I knew I wanted to make a change to the support that people receive whilst going through fertility treatment.

        I retrained as a Life Coach through The Coaching Academy, achieving the highest possible qualification in my diplomas, and set up my business to provide the emotional support I feel is missing for fertility patients.

        I set up support groups, locally and nationally, that are offering support, information and validation to patients.

        I work with couples and individuals who are struggling with the heartache of trying to conceive.

        I work with them on managing their anxiety, looking at other areas of their life that have become neglected and help them focus on getting themselves in the best emotional state for conceiving and coping through treatment.

        I have also created The IVF Positivity Planner, a coaching journal to support patients through treatment. It helps you feel calmer, more informed and more in control of what is happening to your body, helping you feel in a better state for coping through TTC and IVF.

          I find all aspects of the work I do really rewarding. I feel honoured that people share things with me, that they trust me and feel validated, supported and less alone when they talk about how they feel.

          Seeing people feel supported enough to start feeling back in control and less overwhelmed with what they are going through, so that they feel stronger and happier going into treatment.

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