Fertility Assessments

At IVF-Life UK, we provide consultations and tests for men, women and couples.

Whether you’re looking to assess your chances of naturally conceiving or you’re interested in learning more about why you may be struggling, our tests can explain your or your partner’s fertility situation.

Our affordable fertility consultation is designed to provide information, reassurance, and confidence for people who want to further explore their fertility.

Visit IVF-Life UK, meet your dedicated patient care co-ordinator while she gives you a tour of the clinic, and meet the consultant,  during a free 30-minute appointment.  You can also choose to have your AMH test at this appointment*. The results of this test will be available at the time of your first visit consultation (see below).  Your care co-ordinator can schedule your first visit consultation with you during your visit.

*charged at £165 but then deducted from the cost of your first visit consultation

Fertility Tests for Women

Whatever age you are, you may be interested in your ability to conceive. And it’s understandable. So, whether you are trying to  to get pregnant or are yet to start your family, you may want to have a fertility test to explore your options.

Testing female fertility is conducted by taking a range of factors, such as your lifestyle, height, age and weight, into consideration. We’ll explore how your lifestyle is affecting your fertility, and carry out a few medical tests to see if there’s anything happening within your reproductive system that’s preventing you from getting pregnant.

Fertility Assessments for women

Fertility Tests for Men

The first part of any male fertility assessment is to look at your lifestyle. Factors such as your age, weight and diet can all affect your ability to conceive, and we’ll provide tailored advice based on your results to prevent this from developing into a serious issue.

However, because the majority of male fertility issues relate directly to the sperm, our male fertility test explores the different parts of the sperm cells and whether they may be impacting  your chances of getting pregnant.

Fertility Assessments for men

Fertility Tests for Couples

Every couple is unique. You may find that you struggle to conceive, even if the fertility problem isn’t occurring in your own body. For that reason, we assess both partners at the same time. This can allow us to build a complete picture of your chances of naturally conceiving. Our first visit consultation includes:

Male/Female couples

  • consultation with the fertility doctor
  • AMH assessment
  • ultrasound scan
  • semen analysis
  • trial embryo transfer (if appropriate)

Female couples

For lesbian couples, the doctor will advise on the appropriate tests depending on your preferences or options for starting a family.  These may include:

  • consultation with the fertility doctor
  • AMH assessment – for one or both partners as needed
  • ultrasound scan – for one or both partners as needed
  • donor sperm requirements
  • trial embryo transfer (if appropriate)
Fertility Assessments for couples

Endometrial assessment

When having fertility treatment, the two week wait between embryo transfer and pregnancy test can seem very long. So, knowing that you have given yourself the best chance of successful pregnancy can provide confidence and reassurance.

Embryo implantation is a highly controlled biological communication between a normal embryo reaching the blastocyst stage of development and a well-prepared receptive endometrium (the lining of your uterus, essential for successful embryo implantation).

We offer comprehensive testing which provides an assessment of your endometrial health to help you in your reproductive journey.

Endometrial assessments

Your private fertility test

Whether you are ready to start a family or struggling to conceive, our simple fertility checks for both individuals and couples can help you to understand your fertility health.

We believe that it is crucial to receive a prompt assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Doing so can help to reduce the time between discovering any fertility problems and planning ways to start your family.

To book your fertility assessment with one of our specialists today, complete the form below or call us on 01925 202180. We pride ourselves on doing all we can to put you at ease throughout your fertility journey and will fully explain the procedures beforehand.