Fertility Treatments for Single Women

If you’re single and looking to start a family, we can help.

Our supportive and experienced staff will guide you through choosing the best process for you, using donated sperm with either intrauterine insemination or IVF treatment.

Through our Patient Support Partners network, we also offer support that goes beyond clinical advice with access to counselling and fertility coaching services which may be of benefit when considering the wider emotional and practical aspects that go with considering starting a family as a solo parent.

IUI Treatment

Support single women embarking on IVF

Fertility coach and IVF-Life UK Patient Support Partner Mel Johnson created The Stork and I to empower single women to understand their options for starting a family following her own experience of IVF with donor sperm which resulted in the birth of her daughter. She offers three different online group coaching courses covering the different stages of solo motherhood, each run remotely for up to eight participants at a time.

‘Going Solo’ is for those still considering their options, covering topics such as making the decision to start your fertility journey as a single woman, grieving for letting go of the traditional route to motherhood, getting your friends and family on board, reviewing your finances and your options, choosing a clinic or alternative path, choosing a suitable treatment or method of conception, choosing a donor, preparing yourself and your body for your fertility journey, managing treatment solo, your support network and planning for the future.

Preparing to thrive

‘Preparing to thrive’ is for those who have already undergone treatment and are now pregnant whilst ‘Thriving solo’ offers support and advice on life as a solo mum after the birth of your baby.

Mel also offers one to one support and mentoring for those who feel this approach would be more beneficial than joining a network group, with an initial 30 minute Skype consultation to review your situation and objectives free of charge.

Find out more about ‘Going Solo’ courses here: https://thestorkandi.com/groupcoaching/

Find out more about coaching and mentoring here: https://thestorkandi.com/coaching/

Read Mel’s blog on 7 things I have learned since becoming a solo mum.

Fertility Counselling for Single Parents

Today, more than ever, it seems like our priorities are shifting and as we find our new individual autonomy in this modern world, many people are making the choice to delay parenthood.  We are travelling more, building careers, and really engaging the right to wait to have children until the time is right for each individual.  This shift in perspective means that there is less pressure to get married and have children as soon as possible, and it means people are waiting longer.  However, this means that sometimes the desire to have children comes before the relationship, or sometimes the relationship fails before desire.  Either way if you are single and considering starting your own family, there are many things to think about before you embark on this journey and counselling is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the key issues that arise from pursuing single parenthood.

There are many options for single women to have children, including egg freezing, home insemination, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Counselling will give you the opportunity to discuss the different treatment options and look at how this might affect your current relationships with friends and family.  We can explore what this alternative family arrangement means to you and how well you are equipped to deal with the judgments and biases that still exist in today’s society.  We will talk about the implications of using donor gametes and what that means in terms of legal parentage, donor rights and the rights of your future child.  However, the most important aspect of fertility counselling is that you have a warm, empathic and non-judgmental place where you can explore the emotions, issues, or questions that will arise as a part of your journey to become a parent.

Our counselling service is provided by BICA accredited counsellor, Jamie Forster, one of our Patient Support Partners.

Why choose IVF-Life UK for your treatment?

At IVF-Life UK we pride ourselves on not only our passion for what we do, but our IVF expertise, our state of the art clinic and constant patient success stories.

Personalised, expert care

IVF Life Group merger with IVF-Life UK

Our expert clinical team is supported by an experienced laboratory team, a friendly and caring nursing team and a wider support team, who work to provide the best experience possible for our patients.

Our team will tailor an individualised care plan that is unique to you, focused on achieving a healthy pregnancy and baby. You will enjoy dedicated support throughout your fertility journey, from your initial consultation, right through to treatment, your pregnancy test and beyond.

State of the art clinic

At IVF-Life UK you will have access to the latest IVF techniques, technology, genetic testing and we are always at the forefront of innovation in fertility, offering you the best possible chance of success.

Unique to IVF-Life UK, our clinic has a fully equipped surgical operating facility, meaning that you can have most, if not all, of your treatment under one easily accessible roof.

Success Rates

We are very proud of our success rates, which we recognise play an important part in choosing the right IVF clinic for you. We regularly treat patients of all ages and specialise in complex fertility cases where the chances of success are typically lower, yet or success rates are consistent with HFEA data.

If you want to learn more about any of the fertility options available for single women, then feel free to contact our team of specialists. We are more than happy to discuss these options and find your ideal treatment.