Fertility Treatments for Lesbians

IVF-Life UK welcomes lesbian couples and lesbian single women. We offer you the very best chance of becoming a family.

Our range of treatment options can help single lesbians and women in a same-sex relationship to achieve their plans to become a family.

IVF for Same Sex Couples

What are the treatment options?

Three key treatment options are available to lesbian women:

  • IUI with donor sperm
  • IVF with donor sperm
  • Reciprocal IVF/Shared Motherhood

All three options require the sourcing and use of donor sperm.

Conceiving with donor sperm

We can help lesbian women to conceive, by using donor sperm. The donor sperm comes from specialist donor sperm banks in the UK or from overseas.

Selecting your donor sperm

We will guide you through your selection and purchase of donor sperm from highly-regarded sperm banks.  All donors are thoroughly screened and meet the quality standards needed for donor sperm in the UK. You will be able to consider these characteristics of the donor:

  • hair colour
  • eye colour
  • height
  • ethnicity
  • blood group
  • CMV status

Once you confirm the purchase of the donor sperm, we make the arrangements for shipping the sperm from the bank ready for your treatment at the clinic.

IUI with donor sperm (D-IUI)

Intrauterine insemination (D-IUI) with donor sperm can be timed with a woman’s natural cycle. It involves placing carefully prepared sperm directly into your uterus, close to the time and egg is released. So long as you have at least one normal fallopian tube, the sperm and egg may meet for fertilisation to occur.  However, D-IUI is not suitable for women with damaged fallopian tubes.

D-IUI may take about four or five weeks from the beginning of the treatment cycle to pregnancy test.

IVF with donor sperm (D-IVF)

If D-IUI is not suitable or has previously failed, our clinical team may suggest IVF with donor sperm (D-IVF).

IVF involves regulating a woman’s monthly cycle with medications and stimulating her ovaries to produce more mature eggs than she would in any normal month.  These eggs are collected during a surgical procedure under sedation. They are then mixed with the donor sperm in the lab, for fertilisation to take place. Any suitable embryos that result from fertilisation may be transferred back into the woman’s uterus a few days later. Or they may be frozen for possible future use.

D-IVF may take about five or eight weeks from the beginning of the treatment cycle to pregnancy test, depending on the drug protocol.

Reciprocal IVF (or Shared Motherhood)

Reciprocal IVF gives two women in a same sex relationship, the chance to both have a part in the conception of their baby.

This method follows the IVF protocol but includes fertilising the eggs of one of the partners with donor sperm, and transferring the very best embryo to her wife/partner. She then then carries the pregnancy. It’s more complex than IUI with donor sperm, but shared motherhood means that one woman is the genetic mother and the other is the birth mother of their baby.  So right from conception, motherhood is a totally shared experience.

Reciprocal IVF may take about five or eight weeks from the beginning of the treatment cycle to pregnancy test, depending on the drug protocol.

Fertility Counselling for Same Sex Couples

Considering fertility treatment can be difficult for any couple. But while the whole IVF-Life UK team supports our patients through their treatment, all couples or single women who have treatment with donor sperm, are required to have ‘implications counselling’ before treatment begins.  This will consider, for example, the impact of the outcome of treatment on the woman or couple, and on any existing children. It also considers available support from your wider family and any other issues you would find useful to work through.

Two counselling sessions are included in the treatment packages at IVF-Life UK, so you know you are completely prepared for your journey.

Our counselling service is provided by BICA accredited counsellor, Jamie Forster, our Fertility Counselling Partner.

Why choose IVF-Life UK for fertility treatment?

At IVF-Life UK we pride ourselves on not only our passion for what we do, but on our IVF expertise, our state of the art clinic and constant patient success stories.

Personalised, expert care

IVF Life Group merger with IVF-Life UK

Our clinical team is supported by an experienced laboratory team, a friendly and caring nursing team, and a wider support team, who work to provide the best experience possible for our patients.

Our team will tailor an individualised care plan that is unique to you, focused on achieving a healthy pregnancy and baby. You will enjoy dedicated support throughout your fertility journey, from your initial consultation, right through treatment, to your pregnancy test and beyond.

State of the art clinic

At IVF-Life UK you have access to the latest IVF techniques, technology, and genetic testing. As part of the IVF Life Group we are always at the forefront of innovation in fertility, offering you the best possible chance of success.

Unique to IVF-Life UK, our clinic has a fully equipped surgical operating facility. This means that you can have most, if not all, of your treatment under one easily accessible roof.

Success Rates

We are very proud of our success rates, which we recognise play an important part in choosing the right IVF clinic for you. We regularly treat patients of all ages and specialise in complex fertility cases where the chances of success are typically lower, yet or success rates are consistent with HFEA data.

Clinical pregnancy

If you want to learn more about any of the options available to achieve a single person or same sex pregnancy, then feel free to contact our team of specialists. We are more than happy to discuss these options and find your ideal treatment.