Sperm Freezing

The ability to conceive a child is something which we, here at IVF-Life UK, believe everyone should have the option to do.

Therefore, when an issue arises which might affect this ability, it can be devastating. This is why we offer sperm freezing as a fertility preservation treatment. This procedure lets you save your fertility until you are ready to try to conceive.

Freezing sperm can help to preserve the fertility of patients who are due to undergo certain types of medical treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

These types of treatment have unfortunately been known to cause temporary or permanent infertility issues. However, it is good to know that sperm freezing prior to undergoing this treatment will mean that once you’re ready, you and your partner could conceive.

Planning for the future

It can also be worth considering preserving your sperm if you have a medical condition which may affect your fertility or are planning to have a child later in life. This is recommended as with age; certain conditions can develop which can have a negative effect on male fertility. Examples of these are a reduction in sperm quality or a testicle infection, both issues which can be worked around by freezing sperm and using it when you wish to conceive a child.

All freezing and storage must take place in a HFEA licensed centre. Frozen sperm can usually be stored for up to 10 years. In some individual cases when approved by a medical practitioner this can be extended, however this sperm can then no longer be donated.

The steps of a sperm freezing procedure

Initial Appointment

Before the process can begin, a first appointment will take place. During this you will meet one of our experts and discuss any treatment you have received or medical history that may be relevant. Any medical tests that you may need to take before the sperm freezing will also be done now.

Collecting the sperm

Once the necessary tests have taken place, a sperm sample will be produced and given to the clinic’s experts. They will properly prepare the sample before freezing it using a method called cryopreservation.

Using the sperm

When you feel ready to use the frozen sperm, it will be thawed. Not all of the sperm cells will survive the thawing process, however, the healthy sperm which is thawed can then be used for other fertility treatments such as IVF, and IUI.

If you would like to find out more about freezing sperm or feel that you can benefit from sperm freezing in your fertility journey then feel free to request an online appointment today. Alternatively, you can call us on 01925 202180, and we will be more than happy to assist you with any other advice.