Sperm Donation

What is sperm donation?

Donating sperm in fertility treatment refers to sperm which has been gifted by an eligible male.

Pregnancy using donor sperm can be achieved by using either in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment in one of our specialist laboratories or by intrauterine insemination (IUI), where sperm is injected directly into the woman’s uterus.

Sperm Donation

When do we recommend sperm donation?

When we begin work with a patient, we conduct consultations to determine their ideal treatment. Sperm donation may be suggested in cases where the male partner is producing very little sperm, or the sperm produced has so far been unable to fertilise an egg.

Donor sperm may also be used in circumstances where a man has undergone a vasectomy, but the couple decide to try for a pregnancy, or if there could be a risk of passing on a genetic disease or condition.

This route provides a fantastic treatment option for those in a same-sex couple, or for a single woman who is looking to have a baby.

All the staff at IVF-Life UK are wonderful people, very friendly and caring. The whole process was very straight forward in comparison to what we had encountered previously. Also, it was very apparent to us straight away that the standards at IVF-Life UK were excellent!

We are absolutely overjoyed. We would very much like to express our gratitude to yourself and all of your staff at IVF-Life UK who have helped to make this dream come true for us. The professionalism and empathy shown by each and everyone of you was second to none.

Our guarantees

In UK clinics, law states that sperm donors may only be used where the process has been managed through a Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) licensed clinic.

This means that patients can have peace of mind knowing that the requirements for donating sperm have all been safely met. These include successfully completing certain health and screening checks during and after the donation process.

By managing sperm donation in this professional and safe way, both the patient, the donor and any baby born as a result of the treatment, are safeguarded from a health and a legal point of view.

We also understand that making the choice to use donor sperm can be difficult and that there can be psychological implications for all those involved.

Therefore, at IVF-Life UK, we ensure that all parties receive the appropriate counselling before treatment is undertaken. Our counselling service is independent, run by an experienced fertility professional and gives the patient the opportunity to discuss any concerns linked with treatment.

Our donor options

Donor sperm may be purchased from one of three UK sperm banks and samples transferred to our centre at Daresbury Park. This option means that the patient can choose the sperm donor from a list of available donors.

All our patients are assisted throughout the process by highly qualified and experienced professionals including clinicians, embryologists, nurses and counsellors.

A change in law during 2005 involving donating sperm, or donor eggs, means that any child born as a result of treatment with donor sperm has the right to access information held about that donor through the HFEA. In most circumstances, the child cannot access this information until the ages of 16 and 18, however, there are exceptions linked with serious health issues.

If patients are thinking about purchasing sperm, they must ensure that the donor sperm complies with UK law. Patients should discuss their treatment options with the consultant and then contact our sperm donor coordinator through donorenquiries@reproductivehealthgroup.co.uk

Our coordinator will liaise with the sperm bank when it comes to approving the donor and organising the shipping of the sample(s). Once the donor sperm has been shipped to our laboratory, you can proceed to the next step of treatment which is usually IVF or IUI.

Why choose IVF-Life UK for Sperm Donation?

At IVF-Life UK we pride ourselves on not only our passion for what we do, but our expertise, our state of the art clinic and constant patient success stories.

Personalised IVF care from our expert team

Our expert clinical team is supported by an experienced laboratory team, a friendly and caring nursing team and a wider support team, who work to provide the best experience possible for our patients.

Our team will tailor an individualised IVF treatment care plan that is unique to you, focused on achieving a healthy pregnancy and baby. You will enjoy dedicated support throughout your fertility journey, from your initial consultation, right through to treatment, your pregnancy test and beyond.

State of the art clinic

At IVF-Life UK you will have access to the latest IVF techniques, technology, genetic testing and we are always at the forefront of innovation in fertility, offering you the best possible chance of success.

Unique to IVF-Life UK, our clinic has a fully equipped surgical operating facility, meaning that you can have most, if not all, of your treatment under one easily accessible roof.

Preparing for the ‘new normal’ in IVF

Success Rates

We are very proud of our success rates, which we recognise play an important part in choosing the right IVF clinic for you. We regularly treat patients of all ages and specialise in complex fertility cases where the chances of success are typically lower, yet our success rates are consistent with HFEA data.

If you are looking to donate your sperm and would like more information, please contact our  sperm donor specialists at Email.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us to discuss your options and begin your fertility journey.