We live in a society that is evolving faster and faster. Customs, routines, lifestyle habits….. our society is becoming more and more tolerant and open-minded. An example of this can be seen every day in our surgeries with the increasing number of women who decide to become single mothers.

Courageous and determined women with a firm desire to become mothers and who do not want to wait for their ideal partner to arrive to fulfil their dream of having a child.

Today we would like to talk to you about the different options that, thanks to assisted reproduction, are available to women who are considering single motherhood.

If you’re single and looking to start a family, we can help.

When a woman decides to become a single mother, it is necessary to have a donor sperm sample in order to carry out the treatment.

These samples are selected from our sperm banks by our specialists after being genetically analysed in our laboratories. Our specialists are also in charge of selecting the donor sperm samples that best match the patient’s phenotype characteristics.

As for the technique used in the treatment, the most common are Artificial Insemination and In Vitro Fertilisation.

In order to determine the most suitable and effective treatment, each patient must be assessed individually to determine the state of their fertility and thus be able to opt for one treatment or another depending on the results.

Intrauterine insemination or In Vitro Fertilization?

Intrauterine Insemination is one of the simplest and most similar options to natural fertilization in assisted reproduction.

It consists of introducing the sperm sample from a selected donor into the woman’s uterus through a cannula.  To do this, a study of the menstrual cycle is carried out to determine the moment of ovulation, that is, when the egg leaves the ovary and reaches the fallopian tubes.

In Vitro Fertilization is a much more complex technique, but with higher success rates, especially in cases where we detect that there may be a certain risk or the studies carried out on the patient show that there may be some anomaly.

In In Vitro Fertilization treatments it is necessary to extract the patient’s eggs, which are then fertilized in the laboratory together with a sample of the selected donor’s sperm.

Once the embryos have developed, those most likely to implant and achieve pregnancy are selected for transfer to the mother’s uterus.

To increase the likelihood of pregnancy, the woman receives ovarian stimulation treatment with low doses of hormonal medication prior to egg retrieval.

Support single women embarking on IVF

Fertility coach and IVF-Life UK Patient Support Partner Mel Johnson created The Stork and I to empower single women to understand their options for starting a family following her own experience of IVF with donor sperm which resulted in the birth of her daughter. She offers three different online group coaching courses covering the different stages of solo motherhood, each run remotely for up to eight participants at a time.

‘Going Solo’ is for those still considering their options, covering topics such as making the decision to start your fertility journey as a single woman, grieving for letting go of the traditional route to motherhood, getting your friends and family on board, reviewing your finances and your options, choosing a clinic or alternative path, choosing a suitable treatment or method of conception, choosing a donor, preparing yourself and your body for your fertility journey, managing treatment solo, your support network and planning for the future.

Why choose IVF-Life UK for your assisted reproduction treatment?

At IVF-Life UK we pride ourselves not only on our passion for what we do, but also on our expertise in the field.

Our Daresbury centre, the Centre for Reproductive Health, is the UK’s first fully integrated fertility hospital.

Every detail of the centre has been specially designed by our consultants and embryologists.

Our clinical team is supported by an experienced laboratory team, a friendly and caring nursing team and a wider support team, all working to provide the best possible experience for our patients.

Our experience allows us to offer the highest standards of care to our patients and ensure that we are always at the forefront of innovation in fertility, gynaecology and maternity.

This means that the clinic is planned not only for ease of access, but also to offer our patients the highest level of care possible.

The centre is equipped to use the most advanced technology in a state-of-the-art environment by highly qualified fertility professionals.

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