Egg freezing allows women to save their eggs for when they are ready to start a family, making the most of their fertility when it is at its peak.

From IVF-Life UK – IVF Life we want to ensure every woman has the opportunity to start a family at whatever point in her life that she feels most comfortable and prepared at.

But not only that, egg freezing also allows patients diagnosed with cancer to preserve their fertility, before starting cancer treatment, in order to be able to seek pregnancy once the disease has been overcome.

Why is it important for women to know about fertility preservation?

The time at which many women seek pregnancy is increasingly delayed by the search for work and economic stability, and even by the absence of a partner.

Unfortunately, the search for personal stability does not always coincide with the time when a woman is most fertile. As age advances, the chances of achieving pregnancy naturally become less and less, as the quantity and quality of eggs begins to decrease with age.

Women should be aware that their fertility begins to decline from the age of 35 onwards, with the decline being more marked from the age of 37 onwards and leaving very few options for achieving a natural pregnancy from the age of 40 onwards.

For this reason, the option of freezing your eggs to preserve your fertility and have the peace of mind of being able to decide the best time to face motherhood is becoming increasingly important.

How is egg freezing performed?

Egg vitrification is a simple technique that allows the freezing and storage of eggs until the patient decides that the right time has come to become pregnant without the eggs losing their quality. For this reason, it is advisable to have it done before the age of 35, when the quality begins to decline.

To do this, the eggs are frozen using cryoprotective means in liquid nitrogen at -196ºC.

Previously, the patient must undergo a small ovarian stimulation to obtain a greater number of eggs than she produces in each natural cycle. In this way, there are more options to extract quality eggs and increase the chances of pregnancy when she decides that her time has come.

Fertility preservation for oncological reasons

Today, thanks to early detection of the disease, cancer patients have a high recovery rate.

However, these treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can unfortunately have a negative effect on their reproductive health. But with our fertility preservation treatment, we give you the option of preserving your eggs or sperm prior to receiving cancer treatment, patients will be able to use their eggs/sperm to conceive once they have fully recovered and feel ready to do so.