Private Maternity Care

Our Maternity Service

At IVF-Life UK, we want to ensure that you have a stress-free, enjoyable pregnancy, and truly believe this is the first step to a healthy baby. This is why we offer care tailored to match your requirements with our private maternity care packages.

We provide a specialised level of care, are greater than that offered by public maternity services, giving you contact with our team of experts as often as you need to feel reassured throughout your pregnancy.

Our Midwife led care packages will mean that you will regularly see the same team of specialists for consultations, pregnancy scans and blood tests. This team will be dedicated to the complete care of you and your baby, and will be happy to answer any questions or requests you may have ensuring you always have quick access to advice and support, whenever you need it.

All of our private scans and tests are also available as individual maternity services, meaning that you can pick the ones you are interested in and group them into a personalised package.

Who is private maternity care for?

Our specialised maternity services are recommended to any parents-to-be who would prefer the continuity of care from a named midwife. Seeing the same friendly face at each appointment will mean you develop a more personalised relationship, and your midwife will understand your individual needs and preferences.

For patients whose pregnancy could hold a higher risk your IVF-Life UK Midwife will work closely with other health professionals, both private and NHS to ensure complete seamless care and attention. The frequent visits and access to care you gain with the Midwife package means that should any issues arise, they will be diagnosed and treated quickly keeping both Mum and baby safe and well.

Even if your pregnancy is straight forward, it is still a time when lots of people would benefit from the extra reassurance we are able to provide. You are able call your midwife for advice and book extra consultations at short notice if you feel it is necessary helping to reduce any worries that you have during your pregnancy journey and leave you free to enjoy the precious memories you make. This individual support from a team of devoted specialist, helps to give you the most relaxed, care-free pregnancy experience possible, and makes IVF-Life UK the best choice for maternity care.

Our high standard of care is suitable for any pregnant woman. The time and consistent, flexible access to services that come with our packages will ensure that you and your baby are in optimum health throughout your pregnancy journey. As well as this, your personal midwife will be available to help you for up to 6 weeks after baby is born.

If you do not want to invest in a full package of any form, then we can offer one off pregnancy scans, early scans and reassuring tests or consultations to fit in-between your regular appointments. This is to ensure that every woman has access to peace of mind, should she need it.

Couples undergoing other treatments

If you are undergoing other fertility treatments, having some extra support throughout your pregnancy can benefit you greatly. Our care team are here to ensure your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.

For women who have already had fertility treatment, we can offer support that will help you to relax during your pregnancy.

Your care

The midwife package is community based with the majority of appointments being delivered within your home. Appointments can be provided at evenings and weekends, or at your place of work. Each appointment lasts about an hour – an hour and a half and include a full antenatal check with in-depth monitoring of you and your baby, to ensure complete health and wellbeing. The unhurried appointments give you plenty of time for all of your questions and parent education. You will be given assistance with planning your birth, including where, which hospital, home birth or midwife led unit. Whether vaginal deliver or caesarean section is right for you and your family, helping you to feel confident and prepared.


Your midwife will be able to guide you through from the very start of your pregnancy until 6 weeks after your baby arrives.

All appointments will be arranged between you and your midwife. Appointments are flexible and can be moved and rearranged at short notice. As a guide this is an approximate schedule of your appointments although this will change depending on individual need.

  • 7 – 10 Weeks – home visit.
  • 11 – 14 Weeks – booking at named Hospital. Dating scan.
  • 12 weeks – home visit
  • 16 weeks – home visit
  • 19 – 21 weeks – Anomaly scan (can be arranged privately or within the NHS.)
  • 22 weeks – home visit
  • 25 – 26 weeks – home visit
  • 28 weeks – home visit and blood tests
  • 31 weeks – home visit
  • 34 weeks – home visit. Optional parent education or hypnobirth
  • 36 weeks – optional GBS (Group B Strep test) and a Full blood count are offered to ensure any problems can be corrected before delivery.
  • 38 weeks – home visit
  • 39 weeks – home visit
  • 40 weeks – home visit
  • 41 weeks – home visit Antenatal check with a sweep if wishes.

6 weeks after baby is born

Your final appointment with your Midwife to check everything post-delivery/post-op. Blood tests for Full blood count, Ferritin and Vit D included. Your midwife weigh your baby if you wish and help advise on any baby related queries. All Mums taking up the full maternity package will be seen by their named midwife at 6 weeks postnatal. If you would like your midwife to provide your care between babies birth and this 6 week appointment then the postnatal package is also available to you as an alternative to NHS postnatal care.

Feel free to browse the options we offer below. Alternatively, you can request an online appointment or call us on 01925 202180 to discuss which package would be best fitted to you, or to arrange a consultation. We are always happy to be of assistance.