Men, support is here

Without doubt, infertility is tough. The emotional impact is significant for both men and women, and feelings of depression, anger and isolation are common. At Fertility Network UK, we provide impartial information and emotional support to anyone affected by a fertility issue. However, so many who do access this support are women. Perhaps men are less open about their feelings?

In approximately half of couples experiencing difficulties conceiving, part of the problem lies with the man, yet there is often a lack of appropriate support available to them.

Male infertility often carries an even larger social stigma than female infertility does, and it can be a huge challenge for men to talk about how they feel. Societal expectations about how men ‘should’ behave can prevent some from effectively expressing their feelings of anxiety. The pressure of ‘being the strong one’ and ‘her rock’ can prevent men from being able to deal openly with disappointment, anger, and feelings of grief.

Group support can help anyone who is going through this. It can help you to navigate fertility treatment and find comfort in the experiences of your peers.

If you are a man, or know one, who usually feels uncomfortable discussing the emotions that come with  ‘not being a dad’ or ‘not having what you imagined’ or ‘not making everything ok for your partner’ or ‘not being good enough’.. then consider joining one of our ‘men only’ fertility groups.

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Alice Matthews
Wales Coordinator, Fertility Network UK