Mindfulness during the fertility journey

We spend a lot of time preparing and thinking about our bodies during the fertility journey, but it is just as important to prepare and look after our minds. The Mind-Body connection is more powerful than we, sometimes realise and in the current climate it is even more so.

The fertility journey is an emotional and stressful journey. Each step is different, and each step should be seen as a way forward towards successful pregnancy outcome. Practice mindfulness and maintain a healthy balance of both mind & body are very important.

Having just 5 minutes to relax your mind can be extremely beneficial, yet to focus on your breath when you are already feeling anxious can be difficult, but there are many ways you can give yourself this mental break.

  • You can sit and listen to calming music which can give your mind a distraction away from your thoughts.
  • You can use a visual aid, like the beach, allowing your breathing to follow the flow of the waves.
  • You can start and/or end the day with a shower; take in a deep breath and as you exhale imagine any negative thoughts flowing away as the water falls.
  • You can stand outside with bare feet on the ground; try to feel the connection with the earth and be present in that moment. Breath out negative thoughts through your feet into the ground and imagine a white light of positive energy filling your mind & body.

Distant Reiki can be done whilst maintaining social distancing. It is a great treatment to promote deep relaxation, release fears and anxieties and return the body and mind to a balanced state known as homeostasis.

Communication is always important during the fertility journey. Remember that you are still on this journey and others are there to support you, so contact the IVF-Life UK team anytime you need to. Share your feelings with others and remember it is ok to cry, in fact, having an emotional release is really important to let go and free your mind of congestion.

Exercise can be great for the mind. If you exercise every day, great, but an important thing to recognise is not to make this an added pressure on yourself. Stress has a great impact on fertility so if you miss a day don’t beat yourself up. Trying things such as Yoga and Tai Chi can be an ideal exercise for both mind and body.

Ali Skanderowicz of Rebalanceyou, is an experienced Reiki and Reflexology practitioner that works with fertility patients embarking on treatment at the IVF-Life UK. At IVF-Life UK, we believe that healthy living, low stress levels, regular physical exercise and mindfulness can help promote fertility and improve the chances of pregnancy after IVF treatment.