Our Nutritional Therapy Partners

Nutritional therapy can help to optimise your diet, increasing the effectiveness of fertility treatments, as well as improving egg quality, sperm health and regulating ovulation.

Rosie Tadman

Rosie Tadman

Rosie Life Nutrition

In a way, fertility Nutritional Therapy chose me. When I initially started working as a Nutritional Therapist I had a broad focus and I found the majority of clients were actually coming to me for help with fertility. I loved working with these clients are there was often so much you could do to support them, often with an extremely rewarding outcome. Since then, I have focused my post-graduate training around reproductive health.

My approach is to assess each person as a whole in order to get to the root-cause of their sub-fertility. This investigation stage includes a thorough health questionnaire, consultation process and looking through any relevant blood/ tests.

From this I would recommend a dietary approach and often a supplement plan which is tailored to the individual and supports them in achieving their goal. Whether the goal is improving egg quality, sperm health, regulating ovulation, PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroid support or just setting a client up to be in the best possible position for starting assisted reproduction. Nutritional Therapy is a wonderful tool to support all of these vital components for reproductive health.

    I love supporting clients with tailored nutritional therapy plans to ensure they can have healthy and happy babies, what is more rewarding than that!

    Tel: 07879635333
    Instagram: @rosie_lifeuk

    Samantha Brown

    Samantha Brown

    Sam Brown Nutrition

    After my own health issues, I began training to become a Nutritional Therapist with a desire to help others gain more control of their own health. Very quickly I became interested in gut, stress related issues and helping women balance their hormones, through all stages of life with a wonderful impact on those at a reproductive age.

    As an imbalance of hormones can have a large negative affect on fertility and also day to day living it is incredibly rewarding to see how, with many different ways to support, lives can be drastically improved. Insulin resistance, blood sugar balance and weight control are at the for front of fertility/hormonal issues and I am passionate about empowering people with the knowledge to make the right choices that fit into busy schedules and are tasty too!

    Everyone is different and that is why Nutritional Therapy looks at the body as a whole and not as separate parts. Each person is also individual and all protocols are tailored as so.

    Starting with a health questionnaire and a diet diary I work with the application of nutritional science and any relevant blood or other functional tests, in the promotion of health. To assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and help client understanding of how these contribute to symptoms and health concerns.

    From there clients receive a full personalised report with dietary changes, recommended supplements if needed, recipe ideas and tips for fitting it in to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I believe nutrition should be accessible to everyone, be tasty and enjoyable.

      There is no greater feeling than what comes with helping a client after what can be a long time of suffering. But there is a particular joy that comes with being part of helping bring life into this world.

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