Questions for your IVF First Visit Consultation

Getting confirmation of your fertility treatment first visit consultation is an exciting and big step on your IVF journey.

Maybe it’s your first appointment? Or maybe you have had treatment elsewhere?  Maybe you’ve had successful treatment already and are planning to try for another baby? Or maybe you’re not yet ready to start a family, but want to freeze your eggs for possible future use?

Whatever the reason for you needing fertility treatment, these are some of the key questions you should ask at your first visit consultation.  Coming away with the answers will make you feel more in control of your journey.

How does the clinic decide which treatment is right for me?

We tailor all treatment plans to each patient.  Key to this are the results of the initial tests you will have at your first visit consultation.  It’s also important for us to learn more about your lifestyle, and your medical and fertility histories.  Combined with the test results, this gives the clinical and laboratory teams the detailed information needed to give you options for the very best chance of having a baby.  The results of these tests allow us to recommend the best treatment for you, as well as the medications you will need for the best outcome.

What tests will I need to have?

Our comprehensive first visit consultation packages include all the tests needed for any single woman, lesbian couple, or male/female couple. These include:

  • Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) testing
  • ultrasound scan
  • semen analysis (for any male partner)
  • trial embryo transfer (if appropriate)
  • any other tests specific to you

Depending on which tests are required, most of  the test results will be available on the day of consultation. Any additional tests results will be shared with you during the doctor consultation.

I’ve already had tests, so can you use these results?

Some of these results may be useful to us, depending on how recently they were done. But we prefer to work from the results of tests we have carried out so we know the accuracy of the results, and that they are current.  The clinic staff will advise you depending on your available results.

What treatments are available?

IVF-Life UK offers tailored IVF and ICSI treatments.  These may include use of donor sperm, eggs, or embryos, if needed.  And our skilled scientists in the laboratory can carry out preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-A).  This helps identify the best quality embryos to improve pregnancy success rates.  We also offer fertility preservation – that is freezing sperm or eggs for men and women who want to postpone parenthood for either medical or elective reasons.

What success rates does the clinic have?

Before you start out, you want to know that you have chosen a clinic that has high success rates helping people to achieve their goal of a successful pregnancy.  At your first visit consultation, the doctor can give you more details of YOUR chances of success based on the reason for your infertility and your age.

View IVF-Life UK’s latest success rates here.

How will I stay in control of the costs of my treatment?

IVF-Life UK is committed to complete transparency regarding patients’ fees. It is very important to us that all our patients understand how much their treatment will cost, and what that treatment will include.

Our treatment costs are outlined in our prices section. However, all patients receive detailed individualised confirmation of costs before starting any treatment with us. This will help you to plan for your treatment and feel confident and more relaxed about how your treatment will progress.

Costs for our fertility packages cover all the usual stages of:

  • investigations – including initial consultation, ultrasound scan and pre-treatment tests as appropriate
  • treatments – including scans, counselling sessions, consultant appointments, procedure, pregnancy test, pregnancy first scan, and review appointment
  • counselling with a specialist fertility counsellor to ensure you receive all the emotional support needed throughout your treatment

The costs of any additional treatment needs would be discussed with you in detail before being progressed and before any additional invoice is issued.

Will I have a main contact throughout my treatment, someone who ‘knows’ me?

We understand that starting fertility treatment can be a very exciting but also a daunting experience. There may be a lot of new information to consider and dates to remember throughout your treatment journey. So we assign a dedicated Patient Care Co-ordinator (PCC) to help and support each patient having treatment at IVF-Life UK.

As soon as you contact the clinic you will connect with your PCC who will be your main point of contact for any questions and to help to co-ordinate your treatment. It is also important that you fully understand the costs involved and when payment is expected. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to throughout the journey.

Your PCC will explain the process, personally welcome you to the clinic, and organise the necessary appointments and tests to ensure your treatment runs smoothly.

If your assigned PCC is not be available, another member of the patient care team will always be able to answer your questions.

What happens if treatment isn’t successful?

Unfortunately, having a baby cannot be guaranteed by any clinic.  But the medical and laboratory experts at IVF-Life UK will work hard to give you the very best chance of success.  If a cycle is not successful, the team, including our counsellors, is here to support you through your options.  If you decide to try again, be reassured that IVF can be diagnostic even if it doesn’t result in a livebirth. In this case our doctors and scientists can learn from your treatment to make changes to any further cycles you have to improve the outcome.

In addition, IVF-Life UK is now part of IVF Life Group, a group of clinics across Europe.  This gives us all the advantages of major scientific, medical, and research resources for the benefit of all our patients right here in Cheshire, and throughout the North West.

When will I be able to start treatment?

Investment, restructuring and recruitment means we currently have no waiting lists at IVF-Life UK.  This means you can start your treatment as soon as YOU want. And as waiting for treatment can sometimes have an impact on its chance of success, why wait? Make an appointment today.