Our Reflexology Partners

Reflexology can not only help you to relax and reduce stress, but can increase energy levels, address postural issues and help to regulate periods and ovulation. Learn more about our reflexology partners below.

Victoria Miles

Victoria Miles

Clinical Reflexologist, Baby Farm Group

I undertook my training in clinical Reflexology initially to support my own fertility journey. I had my own battles and I felt that it was the best way I could educate myself and help myself. What started out as something very personal soon grew into an obsession. I felt it would be a wonderful way to educate and support people I knows. This snowballed pretty quickly into a business. My passion for clinical practice and the desire to educate my clients grew into my biggest passion. After 14 years I still feel the same excitement about going to work every day.

My job is extremely varied and while each individual who comes through my care follows a similar basic plan which encompasses their emotional, physical and nutritional wellbeing, the reason the plan has been written and the intensity of treatment will vary from person to person. Reflexology is a fabulous foundation, but with fertility hampering conditions and other potential health concerns it needs precise planning and a very specific plan is written for each individual. This can include any intervention being received in an IVF setting. The two work extremely well together.

The obvious thing would be to say a pregnancy and subsequent birth. I admit this is such a privilege and of course the feeling is incredibly happy. For me, the real pleasure comes from seeing clients in my care blossom from emotionally overwhelmed and very hurt into positive individuals who are engaged with their plans and work hard to find a positive way through such a difficult time.

Tel: 07973 705961

Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson

Cheshire Clinical Reflexology

Having tried reflexology myself, I was amazed at the benefits  I felt and this spark of interest became a passion, which lead me to train as a level 5 clinical pharmacist so I could share these benefits with others. Having had a difficult and very stressful journey of my own to parenthood, when I found out reflexology could be used to optimise a couple’s chances of conceiving, either naturally or while undergoing assisted conception, I knew this was an area I had to train in. Supporting couples to achieve their dream of having a baby of their own is something I feel extremely passionately about. Fertility and Maternity care have always been of interest to me and I been privileged to complete both parts of the Reproflexology training and am now a full member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists.

Reproflexology, takes a holistic approach to supporting couples on their journey to parenthood.  An in-depth consultation is undertaken at the first appointment to ensure the couple’s, diet and lifestyle are optimal to conceive a baby. The reflexology treatment aims to both reduce stress and improve sleep, balance the body to help improve any issues which may be affecting the couple fertility. It can be used as a stand alone treatment, or for few months before and also during assisted conception to help maximise the chances of a successful pregnancy.

    It has been my privilege to support many couples on this very special journey. I work regularly with my clients and during that time get to know them really well and it is so rewarding to be able to support them. It is the most rewarding experience when someone who has been trying for a baby, sometimes for years, lets you know she is pregnant. It is amazing!

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