Our Reiki Partners

Reproductive Reiki Reflex is an unique tailored treatment plan for each couple or individual trying to conceive. Treatment plans start at the very beginning of the fertility journey and if desired are there to support and continue throughout pregnancy right up to labour day. Learn more about our Reiki partners below.

Ali Skanderowicz

Ali Skanderowicz


I personally enjoyed the benefits of Reiki & Reflexology through all my pregnancies so decided to start my own reflexology studies in October 2016. On receiving my diploma I went on to advanced learning in Fertility & Maternity reflexology. I had been studying Reiki since 2013 and often used Reiki during treatments as I found this to support clients mentally, emotionally and to help treat any past traumas that may affect their fertility journey. I created Reproductive Reiki Reflex after treating clients and finding that both together can have remarkable results. My aim has always been to help others become aware of their own health and well-being whilst providing relaxing treatments, as more positive results continue this drives my passion to help and support clients in whatever their fertility journey may involve.

Every day is different! The main focus of my job is the individual or couple in front of me, working together to understand their journey so far. Discussing their personal, medical, physical and emotional concerns we then create a treatment plan. I use Reiki & Reflexology to support each individual through a unique treatment plan, to reduce stress, balance hormones and work alongside conventional medical care with the aim to help the mind and body rebalance and heal itself. My role also involves working with other therapists, medical practitioners and clinics to support the client throughout. As everyone is unique continued research, development and studies will always be important to ensure the best possible treatment.

    It is amazing to see when people improve their own health and wellbeing, to see ladies start cycles they never had, to see an individual go from stress, anxiety, sadness to feelings of calm and enjoyment. Getting that phone call to confirm a pregnancy or an email of the latest scan picture tops this off, but nothing is more rewarding than the messages and photos of a new and healthy baby with their loving and happy parents. I am so grateful that people let me be part of their fertility journey!

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