Did you know that improving your overall health and wellbeing can help improve fertility in both men and women – meaning your IVF success rate could also improve with a few simple changes?

We all know that January is a key time for a new approach to life, whether that’s looking for a new job, starting a new hobby or taking on a healthier lifestyle.

So, whether you’ve just started researching IVF or you start your IVF cycle shortly, it’s never too early or late to start living a healthier lifestyle when it comes to the benefits it can bring to your fertility.

For 2020, we’ve come up with some tips on how to improve your overall health and wellbeing, helping to better your chances of a successful IVF cycle:


Reviewing your diet in January is normal this time of year, which is good news because not only are certain healthy foods proven to benefit your fertility but with the start of the year comes a wealth of healthier food options in shops.

Introducing food into your diet, such as fresh fruit & vegetables, whole grains and good fats like olive oil, fish and nuts is the best choice when trying to conceive and also to carry on with once you’re pregnant.  

Whilst food is a great way to get a more nutritious diet, doctors also recommend trying to include more vitamin D and folic acid into your diet, which can be done simply through over the counter, easy to find, supplements.


Sleep is always important, but especially when you are trying to improve your fertility. It has been proven that the less sleep you get, the more it can affect your fertility. 

Establishing a good sleep routine, which includes a set bedtime and wake up time and averaging around seven-eight hours sleep is extremely important and reduces stress on the body. 

Plus, it’s good to establish a good pattern for when you are carrying and can stock up on sleep before the little one arrives.

Moderate Exercise

Whilst vigorous exercise may cause more harm than good, regular moderate exercise and spending less time sitting down is known to assist with fertility.

In the new year why not look at taking a brisk walk, jogging or joining a gym class. Exercising has proven benefits not only for fertility but for your mental health, which during a possible stressful or anxious time you could benefit from – we all could.


Taking the first step, or any step, on your IVF journey can be stressful for even the most relaxed of us, especially for those that may be going through their second or third cycle.

It’s only natural to be worried about the time ahead, which is why we recommend putting time aside for YOU when you can. Whether that is a pamper day, an hour a day reading, long walks with your loved ones (or furry friends) and meditation, eliminating stress out of your life can significantly increase fertility.

We offer complementary therapies to our patients, including nutritional therapy, acupuncture and reflexology. We want to do our bit to help alleviate stress from you during this process, so why not do it for yourself too? 

Weight and BMI

Ensuring you are within a healthy BMI is imperative when going through the IVF process. If you are largely over or underweight then that can cause hormonal imbalances, which in turn cause problems with ovulation and decreased fertility.

Weight is not just an issue for women, obesity in men can also cause lower fertility, meaning chances through IVF are much lower if both of you are not of a healthy weight or BMI.

By taking the steps above, such as looking into your diet, exercising etc can improve your BMI and as a result, your fertility and chances of a successful IVF cycle.


Take the steps you can in 2020 to improve your fertility and increase your chances of getting a step closer to parenthood.

Why not speak to one of our specialists or make an appointment to get the advice you need to start your journey to becoming a parent.

This weeks ‘Patients For Patients’ event was a great success, with 30 attendees, four families of previous patients and three beautiful bundles of joy bringing a bit of cuteness to our informal evening.

This ‘Patients For Patients’ evening was an opportunity for attendees to relax, ask questions both to previous patients and the IVF-Life UK team and also gain some information on IVF and other treatments offered by our specialists.

Here’s a rundown of how the evening went:

With the murmurs of three tiny ones in the room, laboratory director Karen Schnauffer opened the event, introducing the clinic, discussing the IVF process, state of the art facilities and the services offered to both men and women at IVF-Life UK, whilst answering questions that some of the attendees had.


Our previous patients were then asked if they were happy to discuss their experiences of treatment with us. Lee and Naomi, with their beautiful seven week old Nina, discussed their journey with IVF-Life UK, going into detail about the cutting edge tests they were given which were not offered on the NHS. 

Lee spoke about their journey, commenting “Sometimes it’s better knowing the problem even if it’s scary, then you can approach it and put a plan in place. The consultations here were so relaxed and worked around our free time. We didn’t have to wait long for anything, the team at IVF-Life UK took out the frustration during an emotional process. A process, that without, we wouldn’t have our Nina.”

Following this Natalie Silverman of the Fertility Podcast and Freedom Fertility Specialist Claire Caldow spoke,  discussing the outlets and coping strategies that they offer whilst also discussing their own fertility struggles and IVF journeys. Both talks were insightful and brought to light that others who have been through this journey are willing to talk about it and help you at any point along the way.

Then a Q&A session was offered, answering questions previously sent and others brought up during the evening’s talk. At this point, Louise and Adriano, who had their daughter Indiana just 19 days ago, spoke up about their experience with IVF-Life UK.

Louise commented “I must say thank you to all the team. We had such a massive level of care here. Everything was done timely, unlike we’d found with the NHS and all the team were so friendly. We’re so lucky to have come to IVF-Life UK and now have Indiana.”

Following that, Ben and Hannah, who had with them their four-week-old baby boy Theodore, discussed their IVF journey with us.

Hannah spoke saying “We were recommended IVF-Life UK by someone I worked with. We’d been trying for two and a half years with no luck, so we contacted IVF-Life UK. The team was great and we were in to see them straight away, no waiting time, which was a lot quicker than we’d had before. 

“They ran some tests on us both and quickly found out what was stopping us from being successful. We started getting treatment and medication for it, the team were always on hand about any questions I had, whatever time in the day or evening it was. We had our first cycle of IVF and it worked! We’ve now got our boy Theodore and we’re so happy with him. The only thing is, we wish we could’ve given birth here – it would’ve been a lot more relaxing than with the NHS, but at the end of the day we got Theodore.”


Tuesday was a great event and everyone at IVF-Life UK enjoyed meeting not only the attendees but also the babies brought into this world with the help of our whole team. 

We’re so thankful to be able to run events like this, so if you’re interested in attending our next event or would like to speak to a member of our team, get in touch today!

Taking place January 28th at our Centre of Reproductive Health, our patient to patient evening is the perfect opportunity to find out more on IVF and the IVF-Life UK clinic.

An informal event open to you and your family, it will take place from 5:30pm until 7:30pm at our Daresbury, Cheshire location. The event is a unique opportunity to meet previous patients who have gone through the IVF process themselves at IVF-Life UK.

The previous patients, and their families, will be able to give you insight into their IVF journey, their experience with us, as they’ve gone through it before, and their advice and answers to any questions you may have.

The evening also offers the opportunity to meet with our team, who will be able to give you information on IVF and show you around our on site state of the art facilities.

Free to attend, this event has a limited number of places, so please reserve your place through our online registration system before they fill up.

All attendees to the event will also be eligible for a 10% discount on IVF treatments if they choose to go ahead, and terms and conditions can be found when registering online.

We look forward to meeting you next week and hopefully helping you along your journey to parenthood.