Anita & Adam’s Story

We discovered this amazing clinic after we had given up hope of ever having a baby, having met late in life, both still without children. Whilst most clinics would only treat ladies up to age fifty, this clinic is progressive enough to realise that older women can be fit and healthy enough to carry babies. I was 51 and would be 52 four months later, so we immediately arranged an appointment, knowing that we had to act fast so that if our first round of IVF failed then if we were quick we might just have time for a second try. We explained this to Miss Katakam, who was absolutely wonderful and fast tracked us through blood tests , counselling etc. The following month I had treatment with donor eggs from Ukraine and sperm from Adam. From eight eggs, we had three good embryos. I became pregnant with one of those on our first attempt.

One of our friends said ”I could never have donor eggs, the baby wouldn’t feel like mine”. All I can say is when I saw that positive pregnancy test, and noticed my bump getting bigger and later felt little kicks and wriggles and saw scan pictures of a baby lying contentedly inside me, that my body was nourishing and then gave birth to, then that baby really couldn’t have felt more like mine.

Our beautiful baby boy was born at thirty nine weeks. We are truly overjoyed, as we had given up hope of ever having a family. As we have both wanted children for such a long long time, the joy and fulfilment of of having him meant the world to us, and we cannot thank this fantastic clinic enough, every person here is not only very skilled, but they are all very caring and thoughtful, even sending a card and teddy after we told them we had our baby. Going through IVF can be daunting for some people, but here you couldn’t be in better hands every step of the way.

Thank you so much,

Anita & Adam

Anita & Adam's Story