Charley & Ruth’s Story

I met my beautiful wife five years ago and as cliché as it might sound I knew we was just meant to do life together. We married in December 2016 and had already started our next chapter with the IVF-Life UK earlier that year.

We had spent some many months researching different clinics and concluded we had no idea what we were doing. We took the plunge and made the journey to the clinic.

I won’t lie our first meeting didn’t leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Considering we went to discuss one of the most amazing things in the world having a baby, we came away initially scared and a little bewildered. We were booked in for investigations in the next week.

So it all began, we met the most caring and compassionate nurses, who literally prodded and poked my poor Ruth. Although we knew this was a necessity no part of it was easy, words like intimidating, intruding, and sometimes painful come to mind.

The results came back, Ruth had a low egg count so now came the hard part. Its bitter sweet being in a same sex female relationship, we had always discussed Ruth giving birth, it was always going to be her eggs. So, the bitter side, letting go of that, the sweet, knowing we still had eggs from me. Our Dr listened to our hurt for Ruth and made it work for us, take my eggs and Ruth carry. The best suggestion he could have made.  So there we began the next step of investigations. As well as started the search for our donor sperm. I can’t begin to tell you the emotions you go through, the doubt, the fear and the strain.

But stay strong, always talk and put your trust in the staff. Stay open and let people in, as these people will hold your hand through the toughest of times. But also give you realistic goals. That’s important to remember, the cost of this treatment is pricey, but the clinic knew this and only pushed us into making decisions that was in our budget and what was more likely to work.

Results were in, I had 19 eggs. Clinic counselling was useful and informative and gave you opportunity to be open, and express your concerns. We only managed to get one viable embryo. Tears rolled down our faces as are chances got slimmer and our bank balances lower. Nothing seems fair, and when in comparison our journey had only been a short one the way the treatment hits you, from the hormone injections to the decisions you make, to the smallest bit of disappointment, you feel broken.

We went down in March 2017 and had our insemination. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times this can fail, just at this process, from the defrosting, the transfer and not to mention weather that little embryo decides to take up home for nine months. The tension and stress are just out of this world.

So on that note…

Here is your thank-you letter, from the three of us. You completed our lives and helped bring our dreams into reality. You never let our dreams run away from us just allowed them to focus and develop into what is now our beautiful boy Theodore Walter. For that we will be eternally grateful to the whole team at the IVF-Life UK.

All Our Love

Charley, Ruth and Theodore

And all his Nanna’s Grandads, Aunts and Uncles

Hopefully see you again!!!!!

Charley & Ruth's Story