Helen & Oliver’s Story

We were in the process of going through fertility tests on the NHS and we were not having a good experience. I was waiting for months for appointments then hours when I got to the hospital. In September 2015 I met the NHS consultant to discuss our results and they said we would need IVF but I needed a further ultrasound which would be in February 2016 before they would even discuss our options. As I was going to be 36 by then I was concerned at how long it was taking. I talked to a friend who had successfully used the IVF-Life UK and decided to give them a call. I had my first appointment within a week and our baby girl Darcie was born within a year on 1st September 2016, 14 days late.

All of the team involved were amazing from start to finish. They explained everything in detail and were easily contactable when we had any questions or concerns. We would have been eligible for IVF on the NHS but think the benefits which came with going to the IVF-Life UK far out way the cost. I would certainly recommend to others and will be using again if we decide to try for a brother or sister.

Many many thanks

Helen and Oliver

Helen & Oliver's Story