Jen & Mat’s Story

Hiya Everyone at IVF-Life UK,

Apologies for this being 14th months late.
When it all began with IVF-Life UK in May 2015, after spending 3 years on waiting lists attending appointments after appointments on the NHS we knew the next step for us was to find a leading fertility clinic with world leading technology and an experienced consultant. IVF-Life UK ticked every single box we needed.

When we first arrived at the clinic everything just seemed right for us and we knew this could possibly be the start of a successful journey for us. Both I and Mat didn’t at all feel like a patient, or a pile of medical records which we were so used to seeing week in week out for 3 years prior to attending the IVF-Life UK clinic.

The team always made us feel welcome in the clinic when having appointments and made us feel like we were not alone on the most daunting journey we had ever been on. And everything was going to be fine and it just was. Every time we attended the clinic from the minute we walked through the door to leaving, phone calls, email everyone at IVF-Life UK was caring, thoughtful, and sensitive and most importantly always had an answer to your question. From start to finish of the whole process we knew who we was seeing and when and what time, and this was always around our work, when we could make it the clinic, not when they could fit us in which was perfect.

19th June 2015 – WOW a day that me and Mat will never ever forget, we found out that I was pregnant, we never in a million years thought we would see that positive pregnant test, but we did, still to this day we can’t believe it and our little girl is here.

6th Feb 2016 – Amali Catrin, 7lbs 2oz, was born two weeks early perfect in every single way, we count every day we have with her so special and feel so lucky to be able to carry on the IVF does work stories, again everyone at IVF-Life UK thank you so much for all you have done for us to make our dreams of a family come true.

I am sure sometime in the near future we will be back again to try for baby number 2 with some of the frozen embryos we have from our amazing 1st cycle.

Thanks again.

Jen & Mat