Rebecca’s Story

Around 18 months after the birth of our first child, an amazing little boy, we decided to try for a second child. I had a difficult labour with my first pregnancy resulting in an emergency caesarean during which they discovered I had ovarian cysts – one dermoid and one haemorrhagic. These were operated on five months after his birth. After failing to become pregnant for a second time we referred to our local hospital for further investigations. I had a lap and dye which showed no blockages and my husband’s tests showed no issues. I was prescribed clomid but during a routine monitoring scan it was identified that I had an endometrioma. This was removed along with some endometriosis that had caused my ovary to become stuck. After continuing on clomid and trying a range of alternative therapies we looked to assisted conception. I had a low AMH level and it was agreed that IVF would be the best option for us.

We still had some fertilised oocytes frozen and were looking to have a further FET. We were put at ease from the very beginning and he arranged for us to meet with Bert the embryologist who was amazing. He gave us so much information about his background and various techniques and we were reassured that our embryos were in the safest hands with him and his team.

Due to my history our Dr recommended a much lower dose of medication and a long protocol given my endometriosis. They did a lot of testing in advance and a lot of research and it was decided that ICSI was the best option this time round. During this whole process we were kept very informed. Whilst the embryos were being cultured Bert and Ruth kept in regular contact to update us on their progress.

Our treatment itself felt very easing going and relaxed.

We cannot speak highly enough of all those at IVF-Life UK. They offer such a personal service you truly feel like you are their only patient. The whole team are so readily available, empathetic and compassionate and they keep you so well informed of everything that is going on.

Whilst our IVF treatment was not successful the analysis undertaken by the team revealed that my egg quality was so low it was unlikely that assisted conception would be any more successful than a natural conception. The team were very honest about this and we valued that they also took the time to talk to me about my endometriosis and treatment options available.

Despite the fact that our IVF treatment did not result in a pregnancy we do not feel that it was unsuccessful. The team gave us a real understanding of my condition and the impact this has had on my fertility. They’ve managed our expectations around this in a way that no one else ever has.

Following our IVF treatment I was referred to operate on my endometriosis. Following the operation our Dr suggested that we may want to try to conceive naturally for a few months before I began to take medication to control my endometriosis.

After 6 months we received the very happy news that we were expecting a baby and our little girl is due in July.

We would not hesitate to recommend IVF-Life UK to anyone.


Rebecca's Story