We have been truly blessed

What an amazing team at the IVF-Life UK. They really do make miracles happen and dreams come true. Having struggled to take a pregnancy to term for over 5 years, my husband and I were losing faith in whether we would ever have a baby of our own. Having suffered an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage and having a fallopian tube removed, we found the strength to try to conceive naturally which we did for a year without success before visiting the IVF-Life UK.

We had some medical tests undertaken at the IVF-Life UK which didn’t reveal any problems with either my husband’s or my own fertility. We couldn’t comprehend whether this was a good or a bad thing but the fact that we were struggling to achieve a pregnancy became hard to bear. I saw the IVF-Life UK advertised and we decided to go along to one of the free information evenings. We were very impressed with what we heard and believed that if anyone could help us, it would be the IVF-Life UK.

The journey was emotionally very difficult and all of the IVF-Life UK team were on hand to provide emotional support as well as medical. Miss Katakam even took the time to speak to me at a weekend during treatment when I was very emotional and finding it all too much to bear. Due to the ectopic and miscarriage, I would find it very easy to lose faith during the early days (injections, egg collection and implantation) and never thought that we would one day actually have a baby. We had gone through so much bad luck previously, if we couldn’t get pregnant ourselves, how could anyone else possibly make this happen for us? Throughout the process, the team were always there to keep us upbeat and remain positive.

With the support of the team, we undertook the treatment and couldn’t believe our luck when we took a pregnancy test after the first round and it was positive. The commitment to care at the IVF-Life UK is second to none. We will never be able to repay the team that have given us our beautiful little boy who is perfect in every way. The joy and emotion we felt when our little boy was handed to us will stay with us for life. We have been truly blessed and it is all thanks to the IVF-Life UK.

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We have been truly blessed